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The story of our precious little girl's 17 months of life with Trisomy 18 (July 4, 2010 - December 15, 2011) and of us, re-learning to live "after Lilly."
"I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made ...." Psalm 139:14

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I shot a goat ... And adenoids/tonsils info for low muscle tone children

Stay tuned! I am going to soon be announcing a special Thirty One fundraiser I am hosting in July which will benefit SOFT and The Lilly Memorial Project.

When I was in college, I lived with my dad and stepmom for a bit.  My step mom had an old diabetic cat named Popsie who needed a shot of insulin every morning.  I learned to give her the shots and whenever I did, I would always leave a note out for my step mom - like "I shot Popsie"- so she knew not to give Popsie more.  

Amazingly, with all the medical treatment I learned to do to care for Lilly, I never had to give her a shot.  So thankfully I had the experience with old Popsie to fall back on today, as I prepared to give Nausette the goat a shot.  Here is Nausette and her babies, Cloves and Nutmeg:

Nausette hasn't been feeling well since she got here, and seemed to be getting worse.  So yesterday, her owner K. came to pick her up and take her to the vet.  (Nausette got to ride in the back of K's minivan again!)  The vet thought Nausette had either pneumonia or some type of parasites on her lungs.  So she prescribed an antibiotic - to be administered in shot form.

Today I showed Hunter the shot - with the super long needle - and told him to be careful and never touch it.  Then I promptly stuck my own finger.  Ouch!  Thankfully I hadn't filled it with medicine yet.  I watched a YouTube video to be sure I understood the right place in Nausette's shoulder to give her the shot.  Then we went out and ... shot her.  She was a brave girl and didn't cry.

We are really enjoying taking care of the L family's goats and dogs for them.  They can be pretty funny.  Here is what we see in the morning, starting shortly before the time Tabby goes out to feed the dogs and milk the goats:

The dogs and goats are so big compared to Hunter.  But they are all gentle with him.

Last week we were given a rooster by a family who ended up with him unexpectedly.  Their chick "Princess" turned out to be a "Prince."  When we introduced him to our chicks, he quickly showed that he planned to be in charge.  We re-named him "Chanticleer" after the rooster in the book The Rooster and the Fox.  He is a few weeks older than our chicks and quite bossy.

 On a completely different note, I was very interested to read on Giuliana's blog some information on adenoid and tonsil removal surgery for children with low muscle tone.  (Giuliana is almost 3 years old and has mosaic Trisomy 18.)  From what her mama has read, and Giuliana's ENT doctor confirmed, removing the adenoids and tonsils in children with low tone can actually increase their issues.  If this is something you are considering for your child, please read Giuliana's mama's blogpost for more details:

Just a week from today, on July 4th, our Lilly would be turning 3 years old.  Instead she'll celebrate with Jesus.  Tabby made me a special necklace in honor of our "Little Firecracker":

Tabby makes and sells bottle cap necklaces, along with soap, ruffle scarves, chocolate lollipops, tie dyed baby clothes, beaded jewelry - etc! through her blog The Craftsy Kitty. 

I was thinking how grateful I am for HOPE.

"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." - Romans 12:12

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