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The story of our precious little girl's 17 months of life with Trisomy 18 (July 4, 2010 - December 15, 2011) and of us, re-learning to live "after Lilly."
"I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made ...." Psalm 139:14

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A "Christmas" walk around the yard

Sometimes on Sundays, when life slows down a little, I like to take a walk around our yard and look for new things blooming.  This is our third summer at this house and each year has had new surprises.  It's sort of like Christmas.  :)
So if you have a minute, come along with me ....

More day lilies have bloomed!  The old ones (that were here when we moved in) still have had only one bloom.  (It's a very thick cluster - I wonder if I need to thin them?  Would that encourage them to bloom?)

An Easter lily has finally bloomed!  We had a bunch planted outside of Lilly's garden.  BUT ... that wretched thief that stole ALL of my lily bulbs from Lilly's garden has now stolen ALL of my Easter lily bulbs except two!  WHAT IN THE WORLD??!!  Being attacked from underground is no fun.  In fact it makes me mad.  (It's like being attacked by Satan - can't see him and he strikes when you aren't always expecting it.  And he just never seems to go away, does he?)

Peppermint is growing!

I thought this might be lamb's ear because the leaves are so incredibly soft.  But after studying Google Images, I think it is rose campion:

Day lilies with Tabby's flock of chickens behind them:

Things in our garden are growing nicely:

I don't know what these flowers are - first year I've seen them bloom.  They grow out of a rather tropical looking plant:

The puppies love to leave random bones around the yard that they find in the woods. Wish I had a animal bones identification book!  Jawbone anyone?

Exhaust Pipe sniffing a patch of wild daisies:

Pears growing on an old tree:


Old bottles we've collected  on the property.  (If you want old bottles - contact me!):

The woodshed - Frank stays busy cutting wood and stacking it in preparation for the next winter.  (We have a wood stove in our living room.)  Lots of cedar wood in there - it smells wonderful!

Stalker the chicken (a Barred Rock) is never far away:

Padme is a wonderful mother to Leia:

Precious continues to do a great job with these three biddies:

Greetings from the goat herd:

"Hello!" from Fred and George (the two babies that are bottle fed):

Finally, the Bloods and Crips seem to have finally worked out their differences.  (Their "Berlin Wall" came down last week.)  They still seem to segregate themselves much of the time.  (Birds of a feather ...)  But I haven't seen any evidence of brutal pecking, thank goodness!:

OK - enough picture overload for today.  :)


  1. loved the walk, love the pears on the old tree, the dog, the goats and all the blossoms...and most of all , love you mj

    1. You're welcome to come walk here anytime. :) Love you too-

  2. I loved the tour! AND the names of your animals are hilarious, and very entertaining. Beautiful flowers, and lovely property. You guys are certainly blessed. <3

    1. I should list out all our animals names sometimes - they can be pretty crazy! We do feel blessed to live here. And it's amazing how much cheaper it is to live in a more rural area.

    2. You totally should! We raise Golden Retrievers, and every time we have a litter, the kids love to come up with fun and unique names. It's so entertaining!

  3. Loved this sweet tour if your farm!!!

    1. Thank you Tesha! I always enjoy seeing all the beach pictures you post. :)

  4. I loved this tour!
    Have we ever told you that Dennis has a beaver skull that he is trying to put back together? Its like puzzle pieces. He can probably tell you what that jaw bone is.

    1. A beaver skull puzzle! How interesting. I'd love to know what kind of jaw bone this is. We have several. Collected a couple of skulls that the dogs brought and I have them on our science table. Sounds like we need Dennis to come help us!

  5. oh yeah, isn't that a type of Yucca plant?

    1. Two other people have suggested a Yucca so I'll go with that. :) I want to compile a list - with photos - of all the flowers we are identifying around here.