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The story of our precious little girl's 17 months of life with Trisomy 18 (July 4, 2010 - December 15, 2011) and of us, re-learning to live "after Lilly."
"I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made ...." Psalm 139:14

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lookin' a lot like Christmas ...

As life has gotten busier over the years, and then adding annual coping with Lilly's death being December 15, I've become pretty "scroogy" about wanting to celebrate Christmas because of all the extra work and stuff involved.  But I hate that I feel that way because my kids don't deserve it.  I am pretty good about keeping how I feel about things inside though, so hopefully they haven't picked up too much on it.  (I know Tabby - I meant the younger two!)  So when Hunter begged me to get out his favorite Christmas decorations, I agreed that we could do that on Sunday.

So all afternoon this past Sunday, Hunter and Solomon and I were busy decorating.  And you know, the pure delight and enthusiasm of my little men, made me very glad that we had done so.  It was really nice too, because now that  Hunter is 7, he was able to actually be a huge help and do a lot himself.  After I hung garland on the railing of "Solomon's portico," Hunter asked if he could hang up some strings of Christmas lights he had.  "Why not?"  I said.  He did a good job!

I borrowed a toy pickup truck that Hunter had inherited from Frank's dad, and put a little bottlebrush tree in it, and set it next to several "Lilly colored" trees:

I really love my glitter churches.  Hunter hooked up inside lighting in them for me and plugged everything in:

When Tabby was young, she collected nutcrackers.  Solomon was so delighted with her collection.  Especially the giant nutcracker whom she called "Heavy Duty Nutcracker."  (She had bought Mr. Heavy Duty at an after Christmas clearance sale with some Christmas money she had when she was 3!)

Solomon found a picture of an edible gingerbread house in a magazine recently and just kept talking about making one.  I splurged at Walmart last week and let the boys each get a kit.  I'm still surprised at just how very thrilling this was for them!  Worth every penny.

I helped Solomon assemble his gingerbread train then he put all the candy on, which was a great hand coordination activity:

As Hunter was working on his gingerbread house, he would periodically exclaim with a laugh that he couldn't believe he was building something that he was actually going to eat!

Last Friday night, Tabby had a piano recital.  She played at the very end, because she was sort of the "grand finale" - her teacher's most advanced student.  She played "Let It Go" (from "Frozen") and a Star Wars Medley.  As is fitting for Tabby's personality, she is a pretty aggressive piano player.  So when she started playing - LOUDLY and confidently - the audience members really took note.  It was fun watching people's expressions from where I sat.  When she was playing the Star Wars medley I saw several fathers and sons poking each other and grinning.  (I really need to get that girl on video!)

Some friends recently gave us a rooster.  Tabby and I thought that "Fowler" was a fitting name because his personality rather seems like that of Fowler in the movie "Chicken Run."  Solomon however, thought he should be named "Bombur" after the really fat dwarf in The Hobbit.  He didn't care when Tabby pointed out that we already had a hen named "Nori Bombur."  So call the rooster whatever.  At least he is very friendly!

One of the items I took out of the attic during my recent big clean out, was a "special needs" chair that Lilly had used.  I thought it would be nice if the chair could bless another little one.  So I asked around in my online Trisomy circles, and was able to find a little girl, who has Trisomy 13, that could use it.  Yay!  Here's a few pictures of Lilly sitting happily in that chair:

I hope Lilly's chair will be a blessing to little Isabel.  Lilly sure loved being able to sit upright in it and watch everything.  I miss you, you chunky little girl!


  1. Uncle Henry had a church on his mantle. It fascinated me. It lit up and if I remember correctly it also played music. To this day I LOVE churches.
    Isn't it fun to watch children do something new???
    I would love to hear Tabby's recital. And Lilly would be pleased to share her chair.

  2. Ooooooo - I wonder what happened to Uncle Henry's church. Was it a Christmas decoration or did he keep it out year round?
    I am so glad I get to be around for all the new stuff my kids do.
    Tabby said I could video her practicing piano sometime - when she's "in the mood." So we'll see!

  3. It was out all the time. Uncle Henry sang in the choir at Acre Chapel and Aunt Modie played the organ before her hands got so misshapen from arthritis. I don't know if my memory is correct, but in my mind, it looked like this one.....

    1. Oh that's so pretty! I had no idea Uncle Henry sang in the choir and Aunt Modie played organ. That's really neat! :)

    2. modie played 'by ear' they both took piano lessons but soon dropped out...lessons confused her ...the 'church ' dissapeared after he died..likely went to Lula's mj

    3. How interesting! Tabby can play by ear too.
      Where did that church meet?

    4. Mama meant Uncle Henry's light up church disappeared. Acre Chapel still exists. It is just down the road towards Plymouth just before the county line.