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The story of our precious little girl's 17 months of life with Trisomy 18 (July 4, 2010 - December 15, 2011) and of us, re-learning to live "after Lilly."
"I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made ...." Psalm 139:14

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Book List - July

I've had several people ask me, "When in the world do you find time to read?"  My answer - I read for about an hour or so before bedtime each night.  It is one of my favorite times of the day.  :)  I start by reading a couple chapters in my Bible, and then I have a big stack of books to choose from.  Sometimes I focus on reading just one book, and other times - like now - I have 4 that I try and read a chapter out of each night.

So ... here is JULY's Book List:

I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy by Angie Smith - I wrote a whole blog post on this book last month, click here to read it.  Angie Smith and her husband Todd (of a Christian band called Selah) had a daughter that received the dreaded "incompatible with life" label while in Angie's womb.  When Audrey was born, she lived 2.5 hours.  This book is Angie's journey through grief.  Todd shares his view in a chapter too.  There is an excellent chapter on helping children grieve, and a listing of useful resources.

Tabby reading Nobleheart by K. A. Thomas, a CCS teacher 
The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton - This novel was originally published in 1920.  The story is a love triangle set in New York City in the 1870s.  It involves the upper class and all the rigid customs that goes with it.  The main character is engaged, and then his world is turned upside down when he meets his fiance's cousin.  Will he choose to do the right thing or, as it's put in modern America - "follow his heart?" The book is well written and I found it intriguing, frustrating, and riveting.  As an aside, I read this book in preparation for the release of a dear friend's book which was recently published called Song from the Ashes.  Megan Whitson Lee wrote this book as a modern re-telling of The Age of Innocence.  I finished this wonderful book the other day and will write a blog post about it next week.

Hunter's favorite book - one on electrical repairs that Frank found at the dump!
Making Great Conversationalists by Steven and Teri Maxwell - (Note this book is not available on right now, but you can order it directly from the authors on their website  I hear repeatedly that so many young people today make a terrible impression in job interviews because they do not know how to make eye contact or how to hold a conversation well.  (I guess it must be a challenge if you grow up with your nose and fingers stuck to your phone texting all day instead of having regular conversations with people.)  Tabby and Hunter usually don't have a problem talking to people of all ages, but they both could use some work in some areas.  And yes, I can too.  This book is a wonderful resource full of practical lessons to teach your children (or yourself!) how to communicate clearly, interestingly, and effectively.  Each chapter ends with a real life example, a summary of the main points, and exercises to do.  The Appendix alone, is worth the price of the book.  It has a lot of lists that are helpful:  Basic Questions When Talking to Other Children, Conversation Starter Questions for Adults, What Are the Key Ingredients of a Great Conversation?, and What Annoys You Most About a Conversation?  (The last one is funny - I have to say for me I do not like talking to "close talkers" and I have a problem talking to "quiet talkers." I hate constantly asking "I'm sorry, what did you say?")  This book is an excellent resource and just about anybody could benefit from it.

Solomon's favorite book is Richard Scarry's Cars, and Trucks, and Things that Go
The Organized Home Schooler by Vicki Caruana - I always like reading a book like this before starting up another homeschool year.  This was different than any other organizing book I've ever read as it was filled with principles instead of lists of what exactly to do.  Oh there were plenty of suggestions of good ways to organize things, but the author reminded the reader often to ask God for help and look to His example.  There are chapters on organizing your thoughts, time, space, supplies and materials, paperwork, and family.  I enjoyed the book as I like organizing just for fun and am always looking for new hints for my arsenal.

At Home with Modern June: 27 Sewing Projects for Your Handmade Lifestyle by Kelly McCants - This book has some great project ideas - things for every room of your house.  I haven't made any yet, but have a bunch of pages dog-eared in hopes that I can make some things before too long.  Honestly though, my favorite part of the book was the pictures!  I love the author's vintage decorating style with pops of red.  (My aunt would call the pictures "eye candy.")  I first saw some of it on the "Life Made Lovely" blog - Kelly's home is featured here.  Kelly is also known as the "Oilcloth Addict" and has a website where she sells oilcloth, along with other sewing supplies and homemade goodies.

Exhaust Pipe (front) and Lucia
On a worrisome note, Exhaust Pipe has been missing for over 24 hours.  (That means we can call the police, right?  He's officially a "missing dog.")  He usually stays near the house, with Lucia.  But sometimes he wanders off with his mama Dixie and sister Sherlotta and they roam the woods and pastures surrounding us.  But none of the dogs have ever been gone for more than maybe, half a day.

I am feeling rather down about it as honestly, Exhaust Pipe is my very favorite dog of the four we have.  :( And as Tabby has pointed out to me, it seems like "our favorites are always the ones to die first."  Even Sherlotta has been walking around whimpering a lot.  Sigh.  I know, it's "only" been a day, I need to pray and not give up already.

"EXHAUST PIPE!! PLEASE COME HOME!!"  (LOL - his name still makes me laugh!)


  1. Some friends and I have started a book club to encourage us to read more. I have always loved to read, but since becoming an adult I haven't found a genre I love and I have a difficult time finding "clean" books. I admire your ability to read so much!
    Sorry about your dog :( Exhaust Pipe...Hunter must have named him? Perhaps if you guys go roaming in the woods, you will hear him. He could just be hurt somewhere nearby.

    1. A book club sounds fun! I know what you mean about trying to find books that are good. Yes Hunter named Exhaust Pipe! I wish I knew where he was. :(

  2. I just came back to click on some links to buy and noticed my comment was not here. Not sure if it did not go through?:) SO just wanted to say thanks again for the book suggestions:)

  3. Thank you for your encouragement! :) I didn't see your comment. I have noticed my comments on other peoples blogs haven't always worked, these past few months. I try to remember after I write a comment to copy it before trying to post it. That way when it doesn't take I can just paste it and try again. BTW - I bought "The Mommy Manual" at your suggestion. :)

  4. Yes Lisa I have noticed comments not taking also. But I can never remember who moderates and who doesn't. So it can be hard to tell. Coping is a good idea it is frustrating when you take the time to comment them it vanishes:)hope your doggy has come home by now!