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The story of our precious little girl's 17 months of life with Trisomy 18 (July 4, 2010 - December 15, 2011) and of us, re-learning to live "after Lilly."
"I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made ...." Psalm 139:14

Monday, October 21, 2013

Capture Your Grief - Days 18 - 21

Day 18: Release.
What do you want to let go of on this journey of grief?

I still have battles in my mind over guilt and that Lilly would still be alive if only I had done a better job caring for her.  The logical part of me knows that's probably not true.  The spiritual side of me knows that is definitely not true.  God is in control of all things.  But the rest of me fights the battle of guilt off and on.  I hope one day it will stop haunting me.

Day 19: Support.
What has been the best support for you since the loss of your child?


I don't know how people can survive losing a child without having faith in God.  It must be even more painful and empty feeling.  So God is my #1 support.  I also don't know what I would have done without all the wonderful, caring angel mama's I have met on this journey.  Being able to ask "I'm feeling this ...  is this normal?" and to be reassured and know they truly understand is a priceless comfort.

Day 20: Hope.
Do you have hope for the future?

I have hope that I will see Lilly again one day.  Every day of my life moves me one more day closer to that glorious day!  And of course to meet Jesus too.  I can't imagine anything more awesome!  God does tell us He has plans to prosper us and not to harm us.  Sometimes we do wonder though.  How does losing a child (or a number of other things) not feel harmful?   Only God can work that out.

Day 21: Honor.
Is there anything that you have done to honor your child since they died? Did you give back to the community?

 Lilly inspires me to do so many things!  More things than I even have time for.  :)  I enjoy doing projects in her name to help others.   You can read about them here:


  1. You do so many wonderful things to honor Lily! Her life continues to touch many.

    1. Thank you Tesha! And I think it's so wonderful you continue to share about your own journey, grieving over Jonathan. Others need to hear his story - and yours. Both those who have lost children and those who have not.